San Antonio Wednesday Update (Patience & Kindness)

Providence Place has truly been a blessing in our lives. We came here with the idea that we would be serving -and we have- but our extension of the FBCA community has learned much on patience and kindness; which in our closing session we determined was a blessing to us.

Wednesday patience was taught as we communicated with some residents through speech barriers, as we pulled a seemingly endless supply of weeds,

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and as the trip leaders waited for our FBCA students to realize just how tired they were and go to bed after working hard all day and then shopping (girls) or going to Dave and Busters (guys) as a night activity.


Kindness was exhibited when many of the students that had finished their painting or gardening duties decided to volunteer and help those that were raking as they were bagging a five foot tall mountain of leaves!!!

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Kindness was also cultivated as our students gave up their own free time and rest time so that they might spend some quality time with the residents with disabilities.

Our FBCA students truly came to Providence Place with open hearts, and I pray that these fruit of the spirit would grow in their lives for years to come.

Costa Rica Bahia Ballena “Senior Perspective”

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Arriving at the coast today for a day of rest after a physically, spiritually, and emotionally restorative week on the mountain at the Guamyi Indian reservation and then back in San Vito at the Kennedy Bilingual School. Reflecting back on the trip, one passage seems to constantly come to the forefront of my thoughts. In My Utmost For His Highest, Oswald Chambers makes a point in his statement about “times on the mountain top.” He reiterates over and over of places of exaltation, where we see God the clearest and most evident. These very times on the mountaintop are incredible, but are not reality. Too often we focus on what we learn from the people we served or the situations we were placed in, but instead we should focus on how our character is changed. How does my daily life look different after coming down from the mountain? Although our time in Costa Rica is coming to an end, experiences encountered led to new relationships that will continue to develop when we return back to the States.

– Peace Luv Claire McKissick

Costa Rica Jonh F Kennedy HS Day 2

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The trip is coming close to the end, as today we headed for the beach to relax after a long week full of hard work. Everybody in the group has been able to grow closer in our relations with each other, as well as our relationships with our Heavenly Father. This morning we woke up bright and early, just like everyday, in order to pack and head to the private school once again. Today we were presented with a difficult task, as this time we taught the younger students, who could not speak a word of English. We were able to use our resources as well as Jared in order to communicate and teach them life-long lessons.

Throughout the entire trip God has definitely been able to use children in a way to leave a lasting impact on our lives. We were presented with the opportunity to love on the children who were on the mountain, as well as students at the school. In addition, we had the chance to share our faith with the people that God put in front of us. It was awesome to explain how great and loving our God is, to the people who live challenging lives and to those who are not as blessed as we are. This trip opened my eyes to how blessed I am and allowed me to see just how much I take for granted.

Thank you to my Mother and Father who allowed me to go on this trip, love yall and can’t wait to see yall soon –Sean O’brien

Chile – Day 6 Update

Wednesday morning we walked to the school down the street which is about a mile from House of Hope.  It’s called Forjadores del Futuro.  This school is comprised of 135 students from 7 area orphanages from grades Kinder through 8th grade.  There is no high school in the La Pintana area closer than 1/2 an hour bus ride.  70% of all 8th graders in La Pintana will not attend high school because the cost of transportation is too great.

We met in the 8th grade classroom of 22 students.  We learned a dance the night before to Cotton Eyed Joe & taught the Forjadores students how to do it.  It was hilarious!  Then 4 of our FBCA students shared their testimonies, and it was an incredible moment.  The Lord moved mightily and these children were impacted with the transparency & honesty of our students.  We were so proud of them!

Wednesday was also our last day of Vacation Bible School.  35 street children & orphans attended.  We returned from Forjadores school, had lunch & prepared our skits for VBS.  It was so wonderful to worship the Lord with these students & shared the love of Jesus with them.

North Carolina Last Full Day

Hey y’all it’s Jayden Loveless!!

Today was our last full work day in North Carolina. This week I worked at an assisted living facility here called Tsali Care. Throughout the week we’ve done different activities including 2 different arts and crafts and playing bingo!!! We also sang worship songs everyday to the residents of the facility. At the beginning of the week not many of the residents were willing to get out and go to the day room where we would sing and do our activities. Towards the end of the week many more residents would join us in our activities. Although many may think teens may not be able to make a big impact on elderly lives they are strongly mistaken. This morning Pastor Hill (one of the leaders at Mission to the World) read an email sent to him by Barbara (the activities director at Tsali Care). Disclosed in this letter were details about how some of the residents in the facility that she had never seen them smile or even laugh, be that happy before. The sound of these words made me a little emotional knowing that we young teens could make such a large impact on someone’s life just by giving them company and singing praises to the Lord. All in all I would say I’ve had a pretty fantastic time here in North Carolina and I’m so grateful for everyone who works at Mission to the World for all of their willingness to host us this week.